First and foremost Johnny is an explosive live entertainer,  Widely Acknowledged as one of the finest guitar players touring the European circut, Working his way through Festivals, Clubs & Venues all over the Continent. His live shows with the powerful Boxtie Band is a good over-driven Rock n Roll show, featuring his own original material with stunning personal versions of selected classics. 

Though privately quiet and unassuming, Johnny oozes charisma and excitement on stage with that indefinable and much sought after "larger than life" presence. He can change from full on aggressive rock to quieter moments of more tender, introsprective music, and in the course of a set he shows his wizardry on both electric and acoustic guitars. To top it all, Johnny possesses a truly unique and expressive voice which show cases his songs with the dynamics to swoop from a scream to a whisper.  

Pauric & James Gallagher are of course the twin brothers of Johnny Gallagher, they have been in the band from day one. Having toured all over Europe for years with Johnny. They are essentially the backbone of the Boxtie Band as they instinctively understand Johnny's music and always know exactly what and where to play in complementing Johnny's lead playing. James plays a solid consistent Bass throb, always powerful and never too busy. Pauric switches between his unorthidox organ style and boogie piano style. And Sean bringing in the punchy and groovy rhythm's which tie's it all together.       

With this unit, we know where its at, Myself Pauric James and Sean have a force that doesn't appear out of nowhere, Its like an ageing process that takes time to mature, We sometimes Rock and we sometimes Roll, but thats the magic at all the live shows, With James's punchy bottom lines and Sean's groovy swing, Pauric has the freedom to Boogie woogie and lay down his melodies, giving Johnny the scope for improvisation, To jam it out...and it also gives the audience the power to express themselves. That's the ultimate connection, that's what its all about.

The Loser....."live"

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